Sex and Second Life

This site is a true reflection of my comings and goings within the virtual platform known as Second Life, it is mostly my first person recollections of anything happening. Enjoy the read and do follow and share if you liked what you found


Most of the greatest discoveries and advances in all fields, have been done by one single mind who has focused and rejected social interaction, all for the sake of a passion driven goal or a burning need to improve our lives, but there is a need stronger than any of the mentioned above and that is, to be loved, accepted and to find support or shelter in another person or people.

One of the things that the second life platform has taught me is that, in John Donne’s immortal words “no man is an island”; you can brag about being self-sufficient, independent and even -pathologically so- almighty, but it can be factual and possible to a point, in the end you will be in need for some cooperative effort to get somewhere. People all come with different talents and perspectives  when it comes to perceiving the world around them, so team work aids one to see things from a different angle and possibly think of things that escaped us.

But beyond our plans and goals as a community, what drives us as humans to be in constant search for that perfect other half? -some call it your soul mates-. According to Aristophanes, in the beginning there were 3 parents, the sun, the moon and the earth, each produced offspring: From sun was produced the man; from earth, the woman; from moon, the androgyne. Each of these three was a double, one head with two faces looking out in opposite directions, four arms and legs, and two sets of genitalia. They moved about on the earth with a great deal more freedom and power than humans do now, for they rolled-ran hand over hand and foot over foot at double speed. They tried to take over mount Olympus at some point and as punishment, Zeus cut them in half -two individuals, sharing a soul-, hence making sure humans were too busy looking for that other half to entertain anything else.

The creatures who had been double women before, naturally sought out women; those who had been androgynous, sought out members of the opposite gender; those who had been double men, sought out the company of men, and not simply for intercourse, but so they could become whole again by being rejoined with their soul mates.

This is of course only mythology, but doesn’t stop from being a nice explanation on why we strive and go beyond our comfort zone, risking it all and giving our all to that person we find worthy.

La mayoría de los más grandes descubrimientos de la historia y avances en todo los campos, han sido producto de una mente brillante que ha rechazado al interacción social, todo por un apasionado impulso de mejorar nuestras vidas, pero hay una necesidad aun mayor que esta y es, la de ser amados, aceptados y de encontrar apoyo ó refugio en otra persona o personas.

Una de las cosas que la plataforma del second life me ha enseñado es que, en las inmortales palabras de John Doe “ningún hombre es una isla”; puedes presumir de ser auto suficiente, independiente e incluso -de forma patológica- todo poderoso, y puede que sea posible e incluso factible hasta cierto punto, pero al final necesitaras de un esfuerzo cooperativo para llegar a algún lado. Las personas vienen con talentos y perspectivas distintas, así que el trabajo en equipo siempre ayuda a ver las cosas desde un angulo distinto y de percibir pequelos detalles que puede se nos hayan escapado.

Pero más allá de nuestros planes como comuidad, ¿qué nos empuja como seres humanos a estar en una busqueda constante de nuestra otra mitad perfecta? -algunos lo llaman almas gemelas- Aristofanes decía que al principio de los tiempos habían tres padres que producían descendencia, el sol, la luna y la tierra; del sol nacían los hombres, de la tierra las mujeres y de la luna los andróginos. Cada uno eran dobles, tenian cuatro brazos, piernas y dos pares de genitales. Se movían por la tierra con mucha rapidez y libertad, más que los seres humanos hoy en día, ya que lo hacían al doble de la velocidad. Un día los humanos intentaron tomar el monte Olimpo y como castigo, Zeus los corto a la mitad -dos individuos compartiendo un alma-, así asegurandose que los seres humanos estuvieran demasiado ocupados intentando reunirse con su otra mitad para entretenerse con otra cosa.

Así las criaturas que habían sido doble mujeres, buscaban solo mujeres, los androginos miembros del sexo opuesto y los hombres, hombres, y no sólo para el acto sexual, sino para poder estar reunidos de nuevo con su alma gemela.

Esto por supuesto es sólo mitología, pero no deja de ser una bonita explicación del porque vamós mas allá de nuestra zona de comodidad, arriesgandolo todo para dar aquello que tenemos a aquella persona que consideramos digna.

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This entry was posted on February 18, 2012 by in couple, greek mythology, matches, relationships, soul, soulmates.greek, SPIKE CLEMENCEAU.

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This site is a true reflection of my comings and goings within the virtual platform known as Second Life, it is mostly my first person recollections of anything happening. Enjoy the read and do follow and share if you liked what you found

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This site is a true reflection of my comings and goings within the virtual platform known as Second Life, it is mostly my first person recollections of anything happening. Enjoy the read and do follow and share if you liked what you found

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