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This site is a true reflection of my comings and goings within the virtual platform known as Second Life, it is mostly my first person recollections of anything happening. Enjoy the read and do follow and share if you liked what you found

The Mesh Project

Polar ExpressAfter what seemed to be an eternity, the mesh project finally released a mesh body for men -just in time for Christmas boys-, and I am glad to see that despite still being in its beta stages and having some minor bugs here and there, mesh bodies are taking off and they are seriously the way to go, or at least where the future is taking us.

I cannot really compare the product to any other mesh body since the other brands have not even bothered to try and include male shoppers in their efforts to develop a quality product as versatile as let’s say Slink or Belleza to name a few, so we’ll just go with what we have. I have heard some complaining about the lack of choices the body has so far but we need to be reminded that this is a beta version and it was just released days ago, so with that in mind I will proceed to describe my experience.


wearing the mesh body and clothes

When it comes to tattoos and personalizing your body, the appliers still have a long way to go, until gradually all main designers and content creators decide to join in the project and switch to mesh bodies, the existing options are very limited, but like I said all in good time; despite being supposedly compatible with slink hands and feet -the mesh body comes with two choices, full body with separate wearable hands and feet that mesh perfectly and no hands or feet- I saved myself the headache and went for the full body option and took it from


styling and alpha Huds interface

The amount of skins included -36 bundles- in the premium version will most certainly match your skin, if you are like most people and have decided to keep your own avatar head -but they do include one if you want to go that way- and they include a neck fader to make the body and your avatar neck match. When it comes to wearing clothes the body and huds including for both styling and day to day use do not disappoint, the smart alpha used in the body not only will recognize any mesh outfit from “The Shops” and hide any parts automatically, but will also allow you to wear your preferred mesh clothes and hide with just the click of a button any body parts that don’t quite fit.

Two things I always wear and never take off are my lumen vial and my mech heart, and these not only attach with minimal fuss or adjusting from your part, but stay close to your body and underneath my mesh clothes -making of this fact alone worth the 5000 L$ the premium mesh body versions costs-, so you can wear any necklaces and attachments under your clothes with no problem at all. The body will adjust to your shape and you can make any body parts larger or more muscular depending on your choices, which is a bonus.

The only cons I could think of are the seams which seem to be incompatible with anything slink -I tried playing with my shape a bit to see if the arm length or muscles would make any difference- and no matter how much you try, it won’t fit as perfectly as the hands and feet that come with the mesh body, but by enabling the “retrofit” option under the modify section, the neck will adjust to your neck and no matter what you do with it the fit will be perfect -neck faders included if like me, you are a perfectionist- and the fact that as of yet, the save alpha presets on the alpha hud doesn’t seem to work.

If any of this has swayed your decision into getting your very own mesh body, I am including a link to The Shops so you don’t loose your way -be patient however, it is constantly full since the mesh body went public-

Mesh bodies seem to be here to stay and are most likely the future of SL physique as we know it. –none of the pictures have been retouched except for the main one, still keeping however the general look the mesh body provides

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3 comments on “The Mesh Project

  1. Somewhat Disappoinbted In SL Overall
    July 12, 2015

    Why do none of the mesh avatars in SL have built-in genitalia, male or female? They could be toggled on or off as the user chooses. The main failing of SL in general is the lack of interaction between avatars where animations are concerned, but even more is the fact that any attempt to make an anatomically correct avatar or even a fantasy one looks piecemeal at best.

    The mesh avatars themselves are are quite well made by talented mesh and skin designers, so it’s really a shame to have this gap.

    Also, why not make it so every avatar has a “core set of animation functionality” built in, perhaps to the level of poseballs where you’re locked in with one or more avatars in RLV roleplay. If there were a standard among all of SL/OpenSim, you could do away with the eternally misaligned avatars and constant annoying dialog boxes.

    If this were the case, you could have avatars whose hands were “aware” of where the other avatar’s “parts” are located, meaning avatars could shake hands, or sex, or fights without looking so ridiculous and cartoon-like. Hell, even cartoons look more realistic in most cases. It’s time SL graduated from the sandbox and realized it’s full potential.

    If it had this functionality, the items would sell like hotcakes!

    • Spike
      July 16, 2015

      all of these points are valid, but do keep in mind that SL is currently running in 10 year old technology and servers, some of which are seldom updated, there is a planned SL2 for 2016 so it will be most definitely worth seeing what Linden Labs can achieve with the tech we have available nowadays

      • Somewhat Disappoinbted In SL Overall
        July 18, 2015

        Let’s hope they don’t fritter away the opportunity on facebook and twitter. features and concentrate more on a realistic environment and avatar model.

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This site is a true reflection of my comings and goings within the virtual platform known as Second Life, it is mostly my first person recollections of anything happening. Enjoy the read and do follow and share if you liked what you found

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This site is a true reflection of my comings and goings within the virtual platform known as Second Life, it is mostly my first person recollections of anything happening. Enjoy the read and do follow and share if you liked what you found

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