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This site is a true reflection of my comings and goings within the virtual platform known as Second Life, it is mostly my first person recollections of anything happening. Enjoy the read and do follow and share if you liked what you found

That don’t impress me much

AlleyOf all the things I occupied my time on during these past few days of leisure, cruising -which is not a thing I do often- was something that I decided to try, because why not, in the end if you do not get laid you at least get to meet interesting people -I can be awfully picky-; the entire experience reminded me on why I try and avoid it as much as I can, so I am taking the time to write a post on cruising etiquette -a few dos and don’ts- to help you improve your interaction and make it more pleasurable, not only for yourself but to the others you interact with.

Anyone in SL who happens to be in a cruising spot is selling the same thing you are, namely sex and they most likely have a very specific type they are looking for and regardless on how hot and desirable you think you may be, you may not be their type so accept that fact first off; so here’s my comprehensive list of tips and tricks for a pleasurable and successful cruising experience.

1. Avoid one-liners: Never start a conversation with things such as “wow you’re hot”, “aren’t you yummy” or anything cheesy and to the point, you are horny, we get it, but if you are too straightforward you will find the person at the other end of the IM closing the window -“let’s fuck” it’s also a big deal breaker if it is one of the first things you say-

2. Browse!: take your time and look through the selection, don’t you just jump in the arms of the first guy who gives you an ounce of attention, you never know if you might pull something better if you just give it a while, I often find myself on several IMs before I settle for someone specific.

3. Be polite: No matter if you think you are the greatest thing that has happened to mankind and sex as a whole, if someone is making an effort to try and hold your attention, at least have the decency of putting them down gently, monosyllabic responses and anything of the sort to try and discourage whomever from carrying out a conversation is just plain insulting – don’t be an arrogant douche “so you know Phillip Linden… that don’t impress me much”-

4. Know your audience: plan ahead and dress accordingly, you are selling the idea of sex and it has to look like you are at least making an effort to look good, simply explained, only noobs cruise naked -no one wants to get the milk if you are just shoving it on everyone’s face-

5. Profiles save time: People usually put a lot of time and work into filling that one out, you can at least read it to avoid any surprises, you can’t really complain of having wasted your time with someone for a while if that one thing you don’t like about your sex partner was clearly listed on their profile; having something on your profile as well helps so avoid a semi empty one to try and be mysterious or “unlike everyone else” -here’s a tip, there’s a lot of “cool” people with empty profiles already-, if you don’t have at least some info about yourself there, people don’t know what to expect

6. Friend or foe?: Never friend someone you have very little in common with or don’t exactly plan on talking to ever again, and never trust your genitals to decide for you if such person should be on your list -just don’t friend anyone during sex-, wait after you are done and if you feel like doing some chit chat afterwards, decide then if they should be kept around.

7. AFK: If you are going to be away from an extended period of time, set you status to away or busy, let people know you are not around, otherwise you come across as a pretentious douche bag

8. Time is relative: A good amount of flirting is good and an interesting or engaging conversation is always sexy, but like all things there is always a time limit for these things, once you have reeled the guy in don’t drag it any longer and seal the deal, or you run the risk of crossing the line between fuckbuddy and good friends.

9. Prepare to host: If you don’t have a place at least have a few landmarks handy of a few good places to indulge in sex at, most cruising spots have separate areas for sex, but due to lag and other factors some guys prefer to take their business elsewhere -“I don’t know you pick” may not be a suitable response for many.

10. Cum and Crash: Be mindful of your partner and the time they are investing to make you climax, being selfish and reaching orgasm then faking a crash is always annoying, specially if you both were having a good time, no one is expecting you to stick around afterwards, but at least make sure the other person got there as well.

Remember that cruising involves more than one person, so be mindful of others and these simple rules, most are common sense but a lot of people either forget it or are too rushed to even bother.

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One comment on “That don’t impress me much

  1. violetonlineisonline
    August 13, 2015

    oooh, I have a lot to learn!

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This site is a true reflection of my comings and goings within the virtual platform known as Second Life, it is mostly my first person recollections of anything happening. Enjoy the read and do follow and share if you liked what you found

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This site is a true reflection of my comings and goings within the virtual platform known as Second Life, it is mostly my first person recollections of anything happening. Enjoy the read and do follow and share if you liked what you found

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